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Before You Shop



If you want to order a kit the process is simple :


1) At a training or community session please ask to try on a sample kit.

2) Once you have decided what size you want please complete the below for or e-mail your request to stating -


> Top Size

> Shorts Size

> Preferred Number and Name

All kits are £35 each


* Please note that squad numbers are already in use and some may not be available! Check available numbers HERE

* We cannot be responsible if YOU order the wrong size. Please try a sample kit before ordering.


3) Once we have enough orders we will place the order with the supplier and delivery is approximately 6-8 weeks. Payment due on order placement to club bank details OR in cash to David Wylie/Matt Connolly/Dan Bell.

Order Merchandise Here

Online Order Form

Place your order for a Home Kit now for £35


Thanks for your order!

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